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A new chapter for me

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I realize I haven’t posted much in the past couple of years. My heaviest blogging time was probably around 2008-2010. Lately, I’ve been more focused on what I love about Judaism, and a more positive perspective. That doesn’t change my opinions about the authorship of the Torah, or about issues that confront Judaism today. But I want to be able to have a public dialogue about these ideas and issues. I want to be able to chat in shul with a friend about something that excites me in the parsha and comfortably point him to a post on the topic on my blog. Yes, some of my ideas may be unorthodox (pun intended), but I’m at an age, and I live in a community, where I don’t feel like I need to hide certain ideas because of possible repercussions. I am a religiously observant Jew who loves the Torah and my Judaism, even if my beliefs aren’t precisely in line with what tradition demands.

Still, though on the whole I feel like I’ve been respectful and non-sensationalistic, I need to think about which of my old posts I want the public to see under my own name.

So I’m yet again starting a new blog. I like the name “The Evolving Jew”, so I’m keeping it, but moving over to Blogger (which I’ve decided I like better anyway). I’ve made all the posts here private, for now, but will be posting them on the new blog from time to time, if I deem them appropriate. Where I might have been too strident in the past, I may edit the post to soften the tone and make it more respectful. And I hope to continue to write new posts under my real name, David Staum, at the new blog,, exploring Torah, Jewish history, and many other topics.

Thanks for reading!

David Staum
AKA Yehudi Hilchati, DYS, Torat Ezra, Rabba bar bar Chana, and Philo

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